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Our statistics show that the majority of all claims investigations uncover some form of misrepresentation. The failure to properly investigate suspicious injury claims can lead to higher costs for both employers and insurance companies. A neglected investigation of an unscrupulous claimant can lead to gross abuse of the workers' compensation system. Our services can severely reduce exposure on a claim.

Our team features more than 55 investigators who live and work in the areas they serve. Their extensive contacts in their communities can help uncover background information on a claimant prior to initiating any lengthy, costly surveillance operation. A claimant's "expectation of privacy" is never infringed upon. Instead, our initial inquiries are discrete, professional, and designed to determine the current status of the claimant.

Physical/Video Surveillance

  • Modern, High-Tech Equipment (video or still photography)
  • Experienced Investigators
  • Comprehensive Uniform Reports
  • Hearing/Court Testimony
  • Rush Assignment/Urgent Response
  • Unique Situations
  • Supervisory Oversight
  • Vehicular or "Camouflage" Surveillance Techniques
  • Aggressive and Persistent Strategies
  • Client Presentations (formal and informal)

Activity Checks

  • Claimant Interview
  • Neighborhood Canvass
  • Source Contacts
  • Public Record Review
  • Local Law Enforcement Involvement (when applicable)
  • Character Reference Checks


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Investigator Locations

AMRIC’s investigators (employees, not subcontractors) are strategically located throughout NY and work in the communities they live in.

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