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Financial Investigations

Money Laundering/Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)/Asset Forfeiture

Money Laundering is a very complex crime involving an enormous amount of financial transactions and financial outlets throughout the world.

AMRIC personnel have received extensive specialized training in the money laundering and bank secrecy act laws. AMRIC personnel have been recognized as expert witnesses in various federal Judicial Districts in regards to the money laundering and bank secrecy act provisions of the law. AMRIC personnel also possess the training and expertise to handle any and all asset forfeiture proceedings.

Based on this extensive expertise in these arenas, AMRIC personnel have the unique ability to provide training, consultation services, criminal and civil defense assistance, contract services and any other services needed in connection with the money laundering, and asset forfeiture.

Corporate Fraud

Corporate fraud encompasses violations of the Internal Revenue Code, and related statutes, committed by large, publicly traded (or private) corporations/entities, and/or their senior executives. These schemes are characterized by their scope, complexity, and the magnitude of the negative consequences for communities, employees, lenders, investors or financial markets.  Corporate Fraud includes acts of lying, falsification, deceit, fabrication, concealment or destruction of records.

AMRIC Associates uses a combination of the examination of business records/procedures, third-party documents and employee interviews to determine the existence and extent of fraud on a company. Our personnel include former FBI and IRS criminal investigators who devoted their entire careers to pursuing, detecting and exposing persons or entities engaged in corporate fraud and deceit. This combination of retired investigators provides our client companies with unique, professional and experienced investigators to detect and find fraud.


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